X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter Making A Comeback?

With LucasArts in a re-releasing and re-making mood, with classic games on Steam and the Monkey Island remake on Xbox Live, is there anything happening with the classic X-Wing space combat series? Could be...

G4's Patrick Klepek inquired as to the future of the X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter series during an interview with LucasArts president Darrel Rodriguez, who teased us like the teasing teaser that he so obviously is.

"We don't have any announcements now, but stay tuned," said Rodriguez. "We will soon….."

Dammit, another impending announcement announcement! Is it a re-release of the classic games, or an entirely new chapter in the series, bringing the awesome space dogfighting action up to speed with the current crop of hardware? Hell, at this point I'd be satisfied with an Xbox Live Arcade remake. Just let me shoot an X-Wing with a Tie Fighter, and vice versa, and I will be very, very pleased.

LucasArts Teasing X-Wing, Tie Fighter Announcement [G4's The Feed]



    So it's an announcement for a vague commitment to announce an announcement date for an as-yet unrelease/unannounced X-Wing/TIE Fighter game?

    Hell yes!

    a current gen xwing vs tiefighter game would hit the top of my list for most wanted games. Needs to have co-op and lan support though to be awesome.

      Needs to have full joystick support too, not just gamepad support. Stupid gamepad.

    C'moooooon. I've been waiting for ages. A clone wars space battle would be awwesoooome.

    I will pay countless sums for an xwing vs tie fighter remake (for 360). hope this rumour is true

    +1 right here! Either scenario is fantastic news for me, good on LucasArts for coming back to their old favourites.

    A remake with proper internet play would be all sorts of amazing.

    I am not at all a fan of flying games. But that's because nearly all of them are incredibly boring. Well, all of the ones that are out now are. But a new X-Wing game? I would love it. It's a game with a background story everyone already knows, with creative ships and weapons (albeit already created), unlike all of these boring realistic games, and it can incorporate other gameplay (perhaps Star Wars Battlefield-esque?).

    If they do make a new game, I wonder if they'll get Lawrence Holland involved.

    Even if it's a remake, I want this! Unless it's not on PC in which case LucasArts is going to be getting a very strongly worded, angry email from me!

    I really hope they make the controls complicated like the original series.... take full use of the keyboard. Make this a real sim and they will succeed. I really hope they don't make this a spoon-fed console game.

      ...The truth is, the people who are actually interested in this game are the old-timers who played the original and are used to PC sims. So I'm crossing fingers that Lucasarts realizes this.

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