Xbox 360 Introduces PayPal

Microsoft sure are big on introducing third-party applications to the world of the Xbox 360. First it was Netflix, Twitter and Facebook, and now it's...PayPal.

Not as interesting as the above apps, sure, but it's potentially more practical. For some. Starting from now (if you're in the USA), anyone with a PayPal account can use the service to add Microsoft Points to their account.

Those with credit cards may wonder what all the fuss is, but those without them - or who refuse to use them online - will surely be appreciative of the move.

PayPal now available for US Xbox LIVE Accounts [Microsoft]


    I wish they hadn't done this. PayPal is fucking terrible and with the proliferation of debit cards that come FREE on most accounts now, completely pointless.

    If you have a CC/Debit card and refuse to put it in to a Microsoft xbox server, but will a PayPal one, you're an idiot.

    I have neither a CC or Debit cards, and use paypal fairly often. I for one am pleased at this integration.

    Good stuff! I've been using PayPal for business for years now, with very few problems.

    So, the obvious question: why can't we just buy DLC with PayPal directly? Why do we have to purchase MS Points with PayPal, and then buy the DLC with MSP?

    Oh wait, I know: it's called profiteering.

      You pretty much answered your own question which was pointless anyway. What was the need of posting it? It's also called business. No harm in that.


      I've never used PayPal, so whats the fuss about it and what is so good about using it on the Xbox or through eBay etc..??

        essentially it just means you don't need a credit card. Just link your debit account up to a PayPal account and do it that way

    paypal is good for electronic transactions. its terrible for ebay/physical transactions.

    they're exchange rate sucks too. ****ing bleeders.

      Paypal is great for ebay transactions. Two or three clicks and you've paid for your item, and you're fully covered if the seller doesn't make good with your item/s.

        The use of PayPal also gives one an extra layer of protection: both fund wise and documentation wise.

        I've only used eBay once but I've used PayPal many times online and it makes life easier and gives me some piece of mind.

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