Xbox 360 Pro Being Phased Out Pretty Soon

The staple Xbox 360 - the Xbox 360 Pro - looks set to march straight off retail shelves and into the history books, if new console packaging is anything to go by.

First hinted at by Ars Technica's ever-reliable mole in June, then further hinted at by new 360 packshot renders later that month, photos sent to us by GameStop employees earlier this week seem to offer proof that Microsoft will soon go from offering three Xbox 360 consoles to just two.

Look at the spine of these new, actual 360 Arcade boxes (pictured above, on the right) arriving at retailers across the US. Unlike previous models of the Arcade (on the left), which showed the relative inclusions offered in the Arcade, Pro and Elite models of the 360, this new box only shows the Arcade and Elite. No Pro.

Wonder if this means the Elite is in line for a price cut (to the price the Pro is currently), as it assumes the mantle of "standard" 360 console? It'd make sense, especially as a spoiler for Sony's surely-impending launch of the PS3 Slim.


    I'm a journalist in Saudi Arabia, and I know the PR guys at Microsoft's offices here, and he accidently told me that the next year will be challenging because they have to sell more units to compensate the absence of the Pro unit, but that this shouldn't be a problem, since units' sales indicate that more people are buying the Arcade due to its low price.
    I know you might think that this is just a rumor, but I am sure of what I heard :)

    Did anyone else notice that if you look at the line for XBOX Live it says Free on the new box, where it used to say Silver Membership on the old box.

      It's for silver. Considering how they're integrating netflix and other stuff into it, they wanna make money wherever they can. And losing that $50 from millions of users is not something they can afford.

      Or maybe it's a name change or something... Like "XBOX live" (silver) is free, but you have to pay for "XBOX live Enchanced" (gold) or something.

    Hopefully there will be a price drop to compensate, I wouldn't buy and arcade (no hdd) or an elite (too pricey).

    This is a very surprising move. All signs pointed to the elimination of the Elite (apart from special bundling deals), with MS using only the Arcade and the Pro.

    It's very disappointing that the Arcade doesn't get the HDD. It should get the 60GB and the Pro should get the 120GB.

    OR.... Microsoft could just fricken well allow downloaded content and games to be installed to USB drives, which would solve the whole bloody mess. But I guess there's no money in that for them.

      All they'd have to do then is sell Halo or Gears branded USB sticks, then that'd solve that issue :P

      MS are doing a 50/50 thing with the Xbox.

      Draw more consumers by making more friendlier. Facebook, Twitter, Avatars, Natal coming up & all that. Casual but also Hardcore if you wanna put it that way.

      Wii is definitely more casual. More non-gamers are buying that than the PS3 or 360.

      So if MS make the Arcade 60GB or even 20GB, they are jeopdising the existence of even an Elite or whats left of the Pro. Casual Gamers as people call them, aren't the type that download arcade games as much as others or DLC & all that. They own only a little range of games and play the console every now & then.

      20GB has lasted me 2 years, JUST! I want to install games and download more stuff, but i have 1GB left & room for only 1 game at a time to be installed, which is usually the game i'm thrashing the most and then delete and install the next game i want to play for the next month.

      20GB is gonna last a lifetime for casual gamers, so therefore less sales for accessories that Arcade buyers would buy if they ever wanted to upgrade their consoles to have more things like a HDD.

    It makes sense - when I've looked at getting a 360 the small differences between the Pro & Elite made the Elite look like like horrible value. If the elite was upgraded to include wireless maybe they could coexist but then it's the same price as a PS3 and no way would MS have that.

    I dont think the Arcade needs a price cut. Only the Elite if it becomes the "standard" in terms of features.

    I think the Elite should be offered in both colours. Believe it or not, colours can determine extra sales. Just watch when the black Wii comes, the Japanese will go ape shiz.

    Offering different colours, Black & White definitely could generate more interest.

    I think what they should do is keep the Arcade the game cost but include larger capacity. If not externally (20GB HDD, cause that could harm Elite sales cause 20GB pleases the casual gamer who doesn't download etc..) But make internal a few GB's and some sort of 5-10% off a HDD (60 or 120GB only)

    Make the Elite the standard, lower the price. 120GB HDD. HDMI Cable as usual & all that. I don't think the Elite is gonna come with extra features like built-in Wi-Fi or anything. And a new SKU may be further away than we think.
    Why release all new boxes showing only two if they're gonna release newers ones when a new SKU comes out?

    I dunno, i'm just glad this came to light. Been wondering about the Elite shortages for so long now. This gives some little info that it aint leaving, just doing so, to rid of the Pro's and then come back with the Elite. I was thinking for a while of getting an Arcade plus 120GB HDD.

    that would be a double hit if they dropped the price of the elite to 500 AUD, and cut the price of live even to $25 if not free.
    that would finish off sony and the ps3 making the elite with a 120GB HDD instead of a 80GB HDD HDMI cable online service free and much faster.
    they would loose allot of money, but if there really serious of getting rid of sony this is what they should do.

      I would say majority of the PS3 sales are from fanboys or people who prefer SONY or Playstation.

      PS2 has over 100million sales. I mean, its Playstation. Whenever my mum refers to me playing my Xbox she always calls it a Playstation. Everyone knows what a PS is & non-gamers and the older people just call consoles playstations!

      The PS3 is going to sell much more than its approx 20million so far. It will sell over 50 million i say by the end. Price drops will come, a slim most likely. But also the lifetime of the PS3 that Sony have set.

      MS will never be able to get Sony out of the game business. Sony never created by they definitely changed it and they were the leaders of the past two generations. And believe me, MS will never make Live free. If its shititng all over PSN when the PSN is free and XBL costs, why get rid of the price?

    I see the logic of Microsoft... the fewer model that's out in the market, the more that they can cut down on the of production...
    Wonder about who can handle the stigma of owning a "cheap" model over the brute package... I'm not too sure the older Xbox 360 owners would approve

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