Xbox 360 System Update Now Updating

Microsoft's Xbox 360 summer system update has gone live for all Xbox LIVE members. It's a mandatory update.

The update is being rolled out worldwide over the next few hours. Company spokesperson Major Nelson also points these three points out:

• While you can browse and purchase Avatar items and full Xbox 360 games in the console with this update, the ability to add these items your Xbox 360 download queue from will be available this Thursday. • Xbox LIVE integration with Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM will be available later this year. • Zune Video Marketplace will also ship later this fall when it will replace the current Video Marketplace.

While Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM are forthcoming, this update brings Games on Demand, the Avatar Marketplace, new Netflix features. Read more about the update here.

Update Now Available [Major Nelson]


    I can't believe they didn't change the pricing for some of the games from the last announcement, they've still got Bioshock up for $99 and most of the other games you can get from the discount bin at you're local EB. I understand if they're trying to cover costs for the bandwidth of hosting the games but it's too expensive and depending on you're connection can take all night to download, not to mention chew up you're download quota. Better off walking down the store, handing over $25-$30 and get the case and manual, might take up one slot on you're DVD rack but won't take up 2GB+ on you're hard drive.

    Well I got my brother to update. Except when the console was restarting to apply it, my brother thought it was frozen and turned it off. Now our Halo 3 disc won't work. *sigh*
    At least now I have an excuse to get a legendary edition. I want that helmet

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