Xbox Live Arcade Refund For Australia, Too

Xbox Live Arcade Refund For Australia, Too

winter-of-arcade-picXbox Australia has just confirmed the Summer Winter of Arcade “points back” promo previously announced for the US is now open to Australians as well.

Here’s how it works: you buy all five Summer Winter of Arcade games (‘Splosion Man, Marvel vs Capcom 2, TMNT: Turtles in Time, Shadow Complex and Trials HD) and you’ll be refunded 800 Microsoft Points. As InsiderX points out, it’s like getting ‘Splosion Man for free.

The catch? You must buy all five by 11.59pm August 31.

The other catch? The 800 point Turtles in Time is, well, kinda crap.

Buy All 5 Winter of Arcade Games, Get 800 Points! [InsiderX]


  • Dont know if its really worth paying 5200 points in total to purchase all the games mmmm for 800 points back.
    i havent tried explosion man and shadow complex yet, heard alot of good things about them, played trial FLASH VERSION cool game, i do want HD but little expensive at 1200. TMNT is good but short on replay value and repetitive after awhile.
    5200 is like 104 dollars in australian its quiet alot to be honoest, only if all 5 games r costing say 800 points each then ill defenitly buy them all

  • Well ive bought all 4 besides turtles…because I wasnt happy about not getting this offer I held off on turtles but now we do get it…I can get a free game 😀

  • I bought trials HD… FREAKIN AWESOME party game. I had 2 mates over to watch movies, and we played trials till 5am!

  • Aw, I read this thinking there was gonna be a way for me to get my money back for that piece of shit TMNT game, but, alas, I’m stuck with it.

    Let that be a lesson to me.

  • well i have bought all the summer of arcade games and the only one i wasnt happy with was mvc 2.capcom please give us a hd remix of alpha 2

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