Yep. BioShock 2 Wine Bottles Already On EBay

Someday we're going to see the minute-zero swag/collectible/promo item listing on eBay, I swear it. Two bottles from this morning's BioShock 2 beachcomber event are on the auction site, going for up to $US56 and $US76 as of early afternoon.

According to the listings, both are sealed and still have their posters inside. Here's one description.

This is one of the very limited Rapture Wine Bottles buried in the sand at 10 different beaches across the world, the last of which just ended in Santa Monica. This bottle contains 3 posters, one a Rapture propaganda poster, the front with a powerful image of a fist and the words "Welcome to Rapture". The back contains propaganda pertaining the ideology behind Rapture. The other two are humorous posters containing information about two of the exciting plasmids to be featured in the upcoming sequel.

If you were nowhere near one of the beaches, or couldn't make it, well, now's your chance to own an...advertisement. Enjoy.

[Thanks to Robert F. for the tip]



    I was waiting for this to show up, I immediately thought when I saw the pictures of people with 2 or 3 Bottles that this would be the end result.

    As much as I would've like to have one of those bottles, there is no way im paying that much for a Fake Wine bottles and some posters.

      Yeah I went to the Bondi event and grabbed a bottle, have to admit it was pretty pathetic watching some idiots waddle back up the beach by themselves with 3 and even 4 bottles stuck in their pockets in some peoples cases.

        Why does it concern you if people at Bondi took more than one, considering how many of us there were there I'd imagine the marketing people would have appreciated it. I took 2, one is open and one isn't.

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