Yes, There Was Cosplay At Sydney's Manga And Anime Show

Lots of it, in fact. And we have the photos to prove it.

The Sydney Manga And Anime Show - or SMASH for short - was held over the weekend, bringing together manga, anime, games, cosplay and... maids.

Kotaku friend Tracey Lien of Zero Light Seeds attended with camera in hand. She snapped these excellent pics for you viewing pleasure. Click the thumbs for the full size pics.

















    god i love cosplayers... especially ones that follow anime and leave you wondering "dude, was that a chick or a guy i just walked past?"

    Some of those girls were pretty damn hot though... especially the 10th one... i mean.. if it is a girl.. i'm pretty sure it is.. these damn cosplayers just leave so many questions...

      chuloop, ofcourse the no 10 cosplay pic was a girl and yes shes hot.

      i personally like seeing the sonic ones... the good ones.

      recognising them is fun too. wish i couldve gone and looked around.

      dude, you should never, ever go to thailand

        Um, shes not cosplaying as any anime character I know and I know more than any person should. Buying a skimpy outfit doesn't make it cosplay.

    SMASH have their own Flickr stream found at

    I was at SMASH Sat/Sun and it was awesome, although the MC's were lame :p

      Those pics don't look like they were from SMASH. There's nothing there that resembles the Round House!

        Photo #10 (in front of the transreality table was taken in the main part of the Round House, the wood floor is directly behind the photographer. Photo #2 was taken in the cafe-type area, behind the cosplayers are the doors leading to the courtyard.

    no mention on Kotaku of !

    Speaking of anime conventions, I can't wait for the Manifest which starts in roughly another week or so

    I was supposed to go with some friends, but I got Swine Flu, so I had to miss out. Shame, because we were all going as the TF2 classes.

    Heh, did anyone here see the karaoke competition? =p

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