Yoko Ono "Gave The Designers Hell" On Beatles: Rock Band

Yoko Ono. Were Ron Burgundy to translate the name, he would say it meant "destroyer of bands". So it was to be expected that the wife of John Lennon would give the team at Harmonix a hard time.

An interview with some of the developers working on The Beatles: Rock Band over at Wired reveals that, in March of this year, Ono turned up on Harmonix's doorstep. With demands.

Ono made specific suggestions, like proposing that the game's final scene-the Beatles' infamous rooftop concert on the Apple Corps building in Knightsbridge-look windier. Her criticism sent Harmonix scurrying to improve the graphics.

MTV's Paul DeGooyer says "She gave the designers hell", while Harmonix's Alex Rigopolous was equally glowing in his praise, saying "She's an artist, so she was very concerned with the look of the game. She really held our feet to the fire."

Sounds like a real hoot, doesn't she?

The Beatles Make the Leap to Rock Band [Wired]


    She wanted it to look windier!? The bitch!

      I know! How dare she give creative advice, when they brought her in for-- wait, what did they bring her in for if not creative advice?

      Also, it doesn't really sound like Rigopolous' comment was intended to be a negative one anyway.

    Sounds like the kind of instruction that's given not on merit but purely because you're in a instruction giving position.

    She's a talentless fucking bitch, clinging to the relationship she had to a great band. What do you expect?

      Going to have to agree with Mr Anderson on this one.

        I'd be interested to know if you fellows have ever looked into or heard of any of Ono's work on her own, contributing to Modern Art... or do you just know her from her association with The Beatles?
        If it's the former, fair enough. If it's the latter, then I don't think it's very fair to make that call.

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