You Can Buy A PS3 Slim, Right Now

Even as Sony made the PS3 Slim announcement last week, trucks full of consoles were already making their way across America. Now, they're sitting in retailers across the US. Some people are even - wait for it - buying them.

Gizmodo intern Rosa popped into her local Best Buy (in Port Richey) with some clams, spoke with a cashier for a few minutes, then walked out with a brand new PS3 Slim. We've also heard that other retailers, including GameStop, are selling the thing early as well, so if you're dying for a Slim - and a store near you is open - it might be worth heading down and trying your luck.

Kotaku AU Note: If you've spotted the Slim in Australian retail, let us know!

Some Best Buys Already Have the PS3 Slim (Confirmed: We Bought One) [Gizmodo]


    I hope a retailer does release it earlier in australia too :P. i put a pre order down on a ps3 slim.

    well, as long as they dont have an embargo on them (which it looks like they dont) stores will put them on sale as soon as they are released.

    I work in retail but havnt seen them in yet.

    Ummm, I know a place, but I don't want to get the retailer in trouble....and it's a small tiny town anyway...

    same i had to after my otherone got bricked and sony wanted 320 dollars to fix it whith a 3 month warranty and since its already had YLOD which i fixed myself itll probs break again anyways so i figured puting some doh down on the slim wouldnt be a prob

    really wish it had BC though cos it was something myn didnt have and i wanna go back and play GoW 1 and 2

    Awww... We have definitely got to wait until 1st September for PS3 Slim in the UK

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