You Can Dress Your Avatar In All This Stuff


    this should be free for gold subscribers.

      That'd be like removing the ads from the dashboards for gold subscribers.

      Seriously, you'd think the biggest company in the world would stop finding new, annoying ways to make money SOMETIME!


      Or at least have stuff like the COG armour free if you've got certain achievements in Gears 2.

    @Kaiden. Yea or atleast like %50 off or there any news of Fallout 3 stuff? :P

    Wow... so there's about 4 different pieces of clothing and we get to see them on avatars standing in 20 different poses? Seriously, some of those pictures are identical and others are just the same but the avatar is waving or clapping instead of standing upright.

    "or a stupid waste of everyone’s time and money"


    Let's just call it the Idiot's Tax.

    Most of these should be free, and only the truly special wardrobes should be worth up to 100 points max, and they'd have to be pretty bloody good too. At around $3-5 bucks AU i'm thinking, you can f**k right off.. that's a beer.

    The achievement based wardobe goodies will take aaaages to dribble out, and i'm still gonna have a difficult time blowing 200-300+ points to deck out my once-set avatar..

    but if i could look and move like a decent zombie... i might.. just might, give up a beer for that.

    Power Armour from Fallout 3 plx! :D

    Battlefield Heroes made this acceptable by making it a f2p game. We pay the price of a new game every year and we still have to pay for a model that doesn't do ANYTHING! Gold should get free clothes or game related achievements unlock clothes.

    the world is full of idiots to take advantage of. well done MS you are doing your bit.

    The only things I maybe pay money for would be
    -GOW Lancer
    -bloodied lego head (from Dead Rising)
    -TLAD chopper
    -oversized Darth Vader helmet (ROFL)

    what a waste of time.. these should be free if anything!

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