Your One-Stop Source For Street Fighter Skins — Nude And Otherwise

Remember the Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, and nude Cammy mods? Well, those, plus a ton more - most of them non-pervy - are ready for you to download.

From Abel as the Punisher to Zangief as Colossus, with a little Guile as Duke Nukem thrown in, you can find them over at Fileplanet. If someone's got a cool skin but you haven't unlocked the character, they show you how.

Most importantly, for you non-modders, they promise screenshots will be uploaded sometime later today. What are you waiting for? Get going over there and hit F5 for the rest of the afternoon. Street Fighter 4 Super Skin Combo Attack [Fileblog via VE3D]


    This is the cancer of Street Fighter IV just like MUGEN is the cancer of all 2d fighting games.

    This is only the beginning too, as soon as someone figures out how to import their own shitty 3d models, you'll have stuff like Batman vs Vegeta using Ryu and M.Bison's bipeds.

      Why so angry Mr.NiK, it doesn't affect you online because you can't see it. Just chill out and let people customise their game.

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