Your Pokemon Card Game Championship Winners Are...

As seen on Famitsu.



    Probably the only time he'll ever get lei-ed.

      Too right, hahaha.

      ROFL. Win.

    is that mudkips?

    There is absolutely no way to take this picture seriously... no way...

    I wonder what those kids are thinking...

    fucken man-child




    Too funny

    Is that a black belt in karate I see!?'s a knit tied around his ample waist. Damn he looks like a ninja though.

    For some reason I can't shake the feeling that he is photoshoped in.

    Thats how ridiculous this is.

    How sad lol

    Mummy and Daddy would be so proud.

      Mommy and daddy probably drove him there :) <-- the best part.

    I just love looking at the distance between the fat guy and the two kids (noticing the distance they keep between themselves).

    Deep down, even they know something's wrong. The future isn't over yet.

      They're afraid that he'll eat them.


    That man needs help, although by now its probably too late.

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