Your U.S. Xbox 360 Games On Demand Launch Titles

The Xbox Live summer update is right around the corner, and Microsoft has released a list of the Xbox 360 games you'll be able to download directly to your hard drive at launch.

Along with Avatar clothing and accessories, movie sharing, and the ability to update your Netflix queue directly from your television (yes!), one of the main features of the Xbox Live summer update is the ability to purchase and play Xbox 360 titles directly from the console. Microsoft today released a list of the twenty-four launch titles for their Games on Demand service in the U.S., with big name titles like Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and BioShock existing peacefully alongside more niche titles like Dance Dance Revolution Universe and Disney's Meet the Robinsons.

Want the full list? We thought you'd never ask.

U.S. Games on Demand Launch Titles:

Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft) Burnout Paradise (EA) Call of Duty 2 (Activision) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Bethesda) Fight Night Round 3 (EA) Kameo: Elements of Power (Microsoft Game Studios) LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (LucasArts) Mass Effect (Microsoft Game Studios) Meet The Robinsons (Disney) MX vs. ATV Untamed (THQ) Need for Speed Carbon (EA) Need for Speed: Most Wanted (EA) Perfect Dark Zero (Microsoft Game Studios) Prey (2K Games) Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis (Rockstar Games) Sega Rally (Sega) Test Drive: Unlimited (Atari) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (Ubisoft) Tomb Raider Legend (Eidos) Viva Piñata (Microsoft Game Studios) Viva Piñata 2: Trouble in Paradise (Microsoft Game Studios)

A nice varied list, which includes several titles that I might never have purchased at the store but could potentially purchase from home if I get bored enough. It could finally be time, Viva Piñata 2.


    What about the AU launch titles, anything announced?

    If/When we get it, I'm assuming it will be the same for us.

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