You're Confused About Metal Gear? Hideo Kojima Is Confused, Too

Let's be honest here, the Metal Gear Solid saga is hard to follow. Fascinating and intricate, sure, but like a daytime soap with clones, nanomachines and mechas.

Don't worry if you are baffled at times. Series creator Hideo Kojima gets baffled, too, scratching his noggin while figuring out plot points.

"I personally get confused too about the whole timeline and saga of Metal Gear Solid," Kojima told game site Eurogamer. "This is especially tricky when you create the future first and then go back in time to create something new. There are a lot of small aspects where sometimes it doesn't match completely."

Konami's Hideo Kojima Interview [Eurogamer]


    Its confusing to him because really, hes just ripped off a bunch of other action and drama movies throughout history. The games are fun, which is the point. I wouldnt reward the guy on great storytelling, considering many of his plot lines draw similarities to old Clint Eastwood films, 80s cop action movies and the most obvious, John Carpenters Kurt Russell films. Give the team a medal for gameplay, not storytelling.

      You're an idiot. Yes, Kojima takes inspiration from a bunch of different places (now please, point me in the direction of someone who doesn't), but the Metal Gear storyline is a unique one, unlike anything else.
      I'm sure you heard some cool guy rag on MGS storyline, and thought you would be cool too if you replicate their argument. You're not.


        Dean "Long-More" vs "Bigus Dickus"

        Sounds like some kind of prono right there.....

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