Yup, 360 Elite Goes $US299 On August 30

And so it begins. This is a page from the latest Wal-Mart catalogue, due August 30, advertising the Xbox 360 Elite at $US299, a whole $US100 cheaper than its current price.

With Meijer's catalogue also advertising a $US299 Elite for August 30, let's end the conjecture right here. This is definitely happening.

What's fascinating is not the fact the Elite is $US100 cheaper, it's that we now—finally—have the 360 and PS3 going toe-to-toe in the marketplace. Both consoles are $US299, both have 120GB HDDs, both have HDMI, both are...black.

Be interesting to see what impact each console's bullet-point deal-breaker—Blu-Ray for PS3, Netflix for 360—has on sales.


    No BluRay, no wireless, charging for online play, overpriced HDD upgrades - that's not good enough if you're charging the same price. MS need to cut this to be at least US$50 below the PS3.

      Are the controllers rechargable like PS3, or do you have to buy batteries or recharge packs? If so, another plus for the PS3.

      On the other hand, the XBOX comes with a HDMI cable in the box right? PS3 comes with crappy composite cable...

      So lets call that one even! =P

      But yeah, no surprise Microsoft pulled that price drop to try steal some of sony's thunder. Should be interesting to see who has the biggest boost in sales from the price drop!

        This 360 doesn't come with a HDMI cable, just a HDMI port. It comes with composite cables, as you can see in the picture.

    The PS3 Slim is $480 (online ) here in oz.

    The Pro was regularly $400 with games.

    There is no way the Elite can compete against the Slim on price alone. The Sony machine clearly has a price advantage there, WRT features.

    (And before you bloody PS3 fanboys start up, no, you're not right. The PS3 has always been too expensive. Sony's move this week is an absolute validation of that simple fact.)

    The Elite needs to be price well below AUD$400. The Arcade needs a 60GB HDD, and needs to be below $200.

    The Wii, well, the Wii needs to be taken out and shot. What a ridiculous price for such a weak system.

      well if the wii was overpriced why has it sold so well. its not just a matter of price but also how they market the console.

      i agree tho, the ps3 was overpriced. But a company cant really sell a product for much less than they make it can they? If sony were telling the truth.

      Below $200? Are you sure? I mean come on, the PS2 is being sold for $150! There is no way they can make a profit if they keep dropping the price of like that.

      And please; don't just say that the Wii should not be around because it is a 'weak system'. They are simply reaping the benefits of taking what was seen as a risk at the time and had the foresight to take advantage of an untapped market. The fact that it has remained the same price for the last 3 years is a pure reflection of this; that demand is so high there is no need to lower the price.

      "And before you bloody PS3 fanboys start up, no, you’re not right. The PS3 has always been too expensive. Sony’s move this week is an absolute validation of that simple fact."

      Sony didnt validate anything.. If they only reduced the 80gb to $299 then yes that would be a validation.. but they didnt, they released a technical refresh of the hardware with cheaper manufacturing costs.. the reduction on old models is to clear old stocks..

      Its been said all along that Sony will again win this console war.. they work on a 10year strategy and end up turning a profilt mid way through a consoles lifecycle.

      Microsoft on the other hand released a poor quality piece of hardware that they are going to find themselves stuck with.. by the time PS3 is making Sony profits MS will still be wearing the repir costs of the 360.. They made a grab for marketshare and have done exceptionally well in that area to date, but dont expect to see the 360 still on store shelves 10 years after its relseas date as we have seen with the PS2.

      Although I may sound biased to Sony I can assure you Im not.. I own all current gen consoles and can tell you its my 360 that gets 90% of the usage.. I just see the market as it is, and its not looging good for MS with poorly designed hardware, overpriced accessories and ongoing repair costs they are going to have a hard time keeping their console viable in 2-3 years time.

        "Its been said all along that Sony will again win this console war.."

        Who by? Sony and PS3fantards?

        Sony will not win this "console war". They can't. The Wii has utterly dominated it, both in terms of units sold and profitability.

        Right now, Sony are in a distinct third place. They needed the price drop just to compete. This was acknowledged by everyone except fanboys and Sony.

        And now Sony have acknowledged it. The fanboys and apologists are lagging behind, as usual.

        Sony would have to double its sales _each_ year over the next 3 years just to start catching up. And that's not going to happen.

        And before people start going on about the bloody 10 year thing, so what? All consoles have life cycles. The PS2 is still sold, but so what? It's not a modern, relevant gaming machine, let alone a media player. When the PS3 fanboys are counting PS3 sales in 8 years time, there will be other, better, more relevant machines being played by gamers.

        (Oh, and I have all 3 consoles. I can recommend the PS3 to people now. But I could not recommend it last week, solely due to its price. I do not recommend the Wii at its current price and relative performance to the competition. And I do NOT recommend the Elite, and never have done. The Arcade + a cheap HDD online is better value.)

        “Its been said all along that Sony will again win this console war..”
        Who by? Sony and PS3fantards?

        Actually.. by market analysts and industry experts.. you know.. smart guys..

        "The Wii has utterly dominated it, both in terms of units sold and profitability."

        At this stage maybe.. the Wii has no longevity.. it may have sold well to date but it's also the least played of this generation as well.. hell.. mine along with Wii fit is nothing more than an expensive and annoying to use set of bathroom scales..

        "Sony would have to double its sales _each_ year over the next 3 years just to start catching up. And that’s not going to happen."

        Actually it's a 31mil units vs 24mil units.. 360 is approx 1/3 ahead on total unit sales.. doubling sales each year wont be necessary for Sony.. Wii on the other hand has 53mil units.. they'll be hard to catch for some time yet..

        As for the PS2 not being relevant? Try telling that to the 27,000 people who bought one last month.. not bad for a 9 yo console.. Something MS and Nintendo can only dream of happening with the either of their consoles..

        You rattle on about Sony fanboys and the like but you are only coming off sounding like a Sony slanderer.. I get that people love to hate them.. but it's not any mistake that they were the dominant platform last generation and to write them off as expensive and 'coming dead last' for this generation is simply naive..

        Anyways.. I'm off to play my 360..


    Overpriced HDD upgrades? 120GB is the biggest the 360 harddrive gets. So if you get an Elite you can't upgrade.

    I agree though; in terms of raw functionality vs. price, the PS3 is a superior machine.

    However, at the most important function for both these machines (video games), the 360 is arguably the superior machine for most gamers. Bigger library, ports that usually work better on the 360, etc. Of course if someone had a special affection for certain specific PS3 exclusives, this situation would be reversed.

    The PS3 is like a swiss army knife: extremely broad functionality. The 360 is a much more precise, specialized tool focussed far more heavily on games. This means different types of users would probably benefit more from one system over another vs. how much they prize gaming vs. everything else.

    In short, even if competing on price, you can't simply look at the objective features list and decide which will sell more merely on that basis. You have to look at individual consumers and what they specifically want.

    However I do think that this price crash will be very, very helpful in accelerating PS3 market penetration. But I think Microsoft will respond with more price cuts than this one. Around Xmas time there will certainly be another $50 off.

      I suppose your analogy with the swiss army knife would be true, except most of the 360 exclusives are very unoriginal IPs and are mostly shooters. I mean even the very mature Alan Wake I game I can see heavily relying on the combat system.

      So as specialised as the 360 is, its a bit blunt in its blade.


        Whether the exclusives on one platform or another are 'better' is a matter of subjective judgement and thus it should be left to each individual to make their own decisions as to what they prefer.

        Plus, my analogy regarding Swiss Army Knives had no more to do with exclusives than with any other game. It actually is more to do with functionality: the 360 was explicitly geared towards and focussed at the specific task of gaming, wheras the PS3 was meant to do a wider range of things. But a jack of all trades is a master of none.

        Finally, many people like shooters. If you don't, that is fine. Just don't pretend it means your tastes in games are more sophisticated than anyone else's. BioShock is a shooter and an extraordinarily artistically meritorious game.

    lol it's ON!!!!!

      HAHA! Isnt it fun to just sit back and watch? =)

      I might go get a beer... this might take a while....

    For those saying it needs to be cheaper than the Slim here in Aus. After this price drop filters into our region it will be cheaper.

    Take these price comparisons for when both the Elite and PS3 were $399 US.

    Elite $399 US = $550 AU

    PS3 $399 US = $700 AU

    Microsoft are seemingly doing much better at giving us prices closer to the US price so we should this is definitely going to end up cheaper than the Slim. Most likely it will be $400.

    'Quantaties are limited", potential for another model coming through, maybe this is just to clear stocks?

    Is it just me, or are the loudest complainers (to either side of the argument) the ones with very little money to support their gaming?

    You always see people who have enough money to buy both or all the current gen consoles having a calm, objective view.

    The people who bitch and cry about accessories and $50 price differences are the ones that can barely afford the console in the first place.

      Sadly not everyone has as much money to spend on consoles and an enjoyable gaming experience as yourself. 50 dollars is a lot of money and about 3 to 4 hours of work for most.
      Overcharging for a piece of machinery that doesn't perform, due to a weak library, faulty components or comparatively unfair prices (such as charging for online play, overcharging for 120gb HDD, charging for DLC, etc) is a valid reason for most people to feel cheated.
      I know your answer is to not buy what you can't afford, but gamers are frequently getting screwed, and Australian gamers especially. I would say it's ok to ask for prices that match the rest of the world and the rest of the industry.

        Wasn't really what I was getting at, but I see what you mean.

    I might actually consider buying a PS3 now, though to be honest I did like the look of the original one a bit better.

    Microsoft have some stiff competition now, considering the PS3 has Bluray + In-built WiFi at the same price. I'm sure there's a whole bunch of other things too.

    Womble......jsut a quick message to you, you say the PS2 is not a relevant gaming console or a media player either, but (and this comes from someone who sells consoles) People and families who cant fork out half a grand just for entertainment have the perfect choice in the PS2. Keep in mind that not everyone can afford top of the line equipment and for a family of 5 who needs games and movies, the ps2 works fine, and still plays their dvd's. So personally i can see the attraction to a 10 year life cycle, and not just for profit, but to help people out as well.

    Just a thought

      Add to that you can pickup around 7 pre owned PS2 Games for $100 and you've cheap thrills.

      The 10 Year life cycle makes heaps of sense, I mean Sony are still selling PS2's and still profiting from them, how many Xbox Original consoles is Microsoft selling?

      It's easy coin for Sony to help support the PS3. Next few years will decide the console war. I bought a Wii ages ago as I couldn't afford a PS3 and it seemed fun. Now the Wii sits idle and the PS3 has a good catalog of games I haven't played yet.

      "Womble……jsut a quick message to you, you say the PS2 is not a relevant gaming console or a media player either, but (and this comes from someone who sells consoles) People and families who cant fork out half a grand just for entertainment have the perfect choice in the PS2."

      I didn't say you can't have fun with a PS2. Nor anything like it.

      I said that in 8 years time, other machines than the PS3 and 360 and Wii will be the focus. Yes, the PS3 may well still be sold, but it's not what gamer-focus will be based on.

      After all, even though the PS2 still sells, it's not like Kotaku spends much time on it. Neither does anyone else who is interested in technological development.

      And the PS2 is not a HD media player.

      The upshot: Sony can bang on about the "10 year lifespan" all they like, but it doesn't matter. If they hope to win the "console war" in 8 years, good luck to them. But they're not winning it now, and show no signs of winning it. Nintendo dominate the market, Microsoft hold second-place comfortably, and Sony are in third place with a DOWNWARD TREND.

        "And the PS2 is not a HD media player."

        Nor is the Wii, and yet people say it is the console 'winning'. It is very strange. The Wii really should be compared to the PS2, they compare so much better together.

        Anyway, when Sony talks about their 10 year plan they aren't talking about 'winning' the console war, they are talking about turning a profit and making their shareholders happy. Because, lets face it, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo aren't (primarily) trying to please gamers.

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