Zangief Statue Won't Win Any Beauty Pageants

The latest in PopCultureShock's line of Street Fighter statues is this Zangief piece, which is as angry, crazy and hairy as you'd expect/hope it to be. Oh, and also as expensive.

Like other pieces sold by premium collectible firm Sideshow, this isn't cheap. Unless, that is, you find $US375 cheap. Which we don't. If you do, however (or just really like Zangief!), it'll be out in Q4 this year.


    fatass! hehe

    Cant they make a smaller version so that it can be cheaper? Judging from the price itself, this figure has to be pretty big too

    unless its a limited edition, i dont see how 300 is s fitting price

    They have the Cammy and Vega ones at Toyworld in Brisbane. Both of which are extremely awesome looking. These things are huge and are actually dressed in real fabric.

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