14 Seconds Of Katamari Natal

Microsoft let reporters such as our own Brian Crecente play Namco's famous stuff-rolling game, Katamari Damacy, using the company's prototype hands-free control system, Project Natal. But Destructoid's Nick Chester is the reporter who I caught in the act.


    Is it just me or was there at least a couple of gestures that didn't seem to do anything?

    Natal and the PS3 motion controller both remain utterly uninteresting. Cool tech, definitely, but as far as applying them to actual gaming goes, I'm yet to see anything that raises more than a "meh".

    The EyeToy and the Wii controller were also cool tech that were supposed to produce a gaming revolution. Instead they produced a steady stream of mediocre party games and regular games with tacked-on waving and flailing around. So far Sony and MS have done nothing to make us believe their new toys will be any different.

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