250GB PS3 Hits Australia With Uncharted 2 Bundle

250GB PS3 Hits Australia With Uncharted 2 Bundle

Sony has announced Australia will be getting a PS3 Slim with a 250GB hard drive from October 15.

The 250GB console will initially be packed with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which launches on the same day. Other bundles will also be available, with your pack-in games options being SingStar Motown, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time and EyePet. The latter two will be available at a later date.

Retailing for $599.95, the 250GB PS3 is identical to the just-released 120GB PS3 Slim except for the increased storage capacity.

Hard drive fans will note that this announcement means Sony’s 250GB console will beat Microsoft’s 250GB console to store shelves by about four weeks. Take that, Xbox fanboys!


  • Mum wants a PS3 for blu-ray and eventually PlayTV (If it ever comes out). I might get her to buy one of these bundles, and I’ll buy the game off her.

    • just grab one from game.co.uk
      i bought mine the other day by CC for AU$120 incl shipping. bout $80 cheaper than what it will be when/if it launches here.

  • I dont mean to a stick in the mud, but honestly, if you have your Ps3 slim now (some places already offer a FREE game with it, so the Uncharted game kinda cancels that out) then you’re really paying $100 for a bigger hard drive.

    Spend $130 and you can put in a 500gb hard drive and have even MORE space.

    • It’s Uncharted 2, if you buy a PS3 you will want to buy this game eventually. So now, you pay $499.95 for console + game, $130 for 500gb HDD (total output $629.95). Then you pay what $90 for Uncharted 2 in the releas week, so total goes to $719.95.

      Or, buy the Uncharted 2 bundle with a 250gb HDD (btw I’ve had my PS3 for over a year with a 250gb HDD that’s barely 25% full, and I buy lots of DLC/Downloadable games and don’t uninstall any game data) for $599.95. Then pickup the game you could’ve got for free earlier for what, maybe $50 (most bundled games are platinum if I’m not mistaken). Add to that, for the average consumer something like changing the HDD isn’t what they want to do.

      Don’t get me wrong, not trying to flame you pdaddy, I just don’t think you are really looking at the whole picture.

      Also @Friar Tuck: If PlayTV was going to be incorporated into the console that’d be bigger news than an Uncharted bundle. I wouldn’t hold your breath for that one.

  • PlayTV will never happen here
    It’s practically just Foxtel IQ or TIVO if you’re trendy.
    Free To Air channels here will never allow it cos they’re uptight squares and whinge about nothing.

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