250GB Xbox Coming To Australia

250GB Xbox Coming To Australia

250gb xbox 360 packshotThat 250GB Xbox 360 console announced earlier this morning at a Modern Warfare 2 press conference in the US will be available in Australia, Microsoft just confirmed.

The crucial details are:

* It’s out on November 10.

* It’s priced at $599 RRP.

* It’s black with Modern Warfare 2 on it.

* It comes with a 250GB hard drive, two black wireless controllers, a black wired headset, and a copy of Modern Warfare 2.

So how does that value stack up? Adding together the RRPs of the Arcade console ($299), 2nd controller ($80), headset ($30) and game ($120), you’re already at approximately $530. So you’re getting the 250GB hard drive for about $70. Plus whatever value you attribute to the Modern Warfare 2-ness of the whole affair.

Pre-orders apparently start today at participating retailers. Who’s putting their money down?


  • i dont know if it would be worth the upgrade for me.. i doubt i’d even get a decent trade value for my pro and 2 conts

    • Here’s first of the cry babies.

      Pull your finger out Jim.
      Dave just did a price breakdown and the pack actually means we are saving money; albeit only a very very small amount.
      But still a saving is a saving.

      • Exactly – I figure Microsoft would price that hard drive at least $300 so it’s incredible value. 🙂 The only thing better would be putting a $120 wireless adapter in but only charging an extra $100 so you SAVE another $20. AWESOME!

        Seriously though – if you’re full on into your XBox it’s good value – except you’ve already got and Xbox, 2 controllers, 120GB drive, headset, and MW2 preorder. :-/

      • I thought the whole positive thing about the 360 was that you counld buy only the thing you wanted, rather than being forced into buying everything? This seems to be the opposite.

  • I’ll wait until they merge the 2 series, Guitar Hero and Call of Duty into a new series, Guitar Modern Warfare Hero. I also refuse to buy either until I can shred rock licks with a M16 shaped guitar that also doubles as a light gun.

  • i personally will buy this cause right now i’m having problems with my crappy 20g hdd and if it means an extra two contollers and a giant 2 on the side of a 360 i’m happy. i’ll miss out on the goggles if it means a 250g hdd instead

  • I’m not sure there will actually be new hardware from either M$ or Sony til at least 2011- also I would imagine that the 250GB HDD will retail under AUD200 when available.
    Such a shame for all the masses who already preordered their Prestige or Hardened eds and were in market for x360… maybe this generation will pull the fail rate below 50%…?

  • Dave’s breakdown is perfectly valid. For those who are interested though I put forward the following breakdown:

    Harvey Norman’s elite bundle (Halo 3, Halo: ODST, wireless controller, 120GB HDD): $429
    Modern Warfare 2: $20 (take the two Halo’s and trade them in at EB)
    2nd wireless controller: $69 (from JB HiFi) (GAME lists it for $49, but through their online store only)
    Wired headset: $30 (can’t find a good listing for it, but GAME has a generic one for ~$15)

    That comes to about $540 (or $505 if you try GAME), so it’s roughly $60 (or $95) to go from 120GB to 250GB and to spray the console black.

    So in terms of bargain-hunting, it’s not the greatest of deals. In terms of RRP and a straight-forward shopping experience though, I think it’s pretty attractive.


  • $549 is the sweet spot for this bundle. Most likely sell for around $469 when released locally, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the $599 price tag

    • $469 may be wishfull thinking my friend.
      I’d say there is a very good chance of $549 though, with a lot of sellers being in competition with it. I’d say game more than likely would have it for that

  • Mmm i’m still taken by the Harvey Norman deal. Free Halo 3 and Halo ODST with the Elite. Not only do you get the two free games but the price is only $429 instead of the RRP of the Elite alone which is $449.

    250GB is good. But not worth it for me. Especially at the price. And i want the Hardened Edition anyway.

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