3 Million Enlist In Combat Arms

3 Million Enlist In Combat Arms

Nexon America is growing in leaps and bounds, and its greatly due to the success of Combat Arms, the free-to-play online multiplayer FPS, which recently surpassed the three million registered user mark.

Nexon America’s revenue for August was up 32% over the previous year, and if the company’s celebratory press release is any indication, Combat Arms had a lot to do with its “explosive growth”. Since Combat Arms launched in July 2008, Nexon has updated the title on a regular basis, adding in new game modes like Quarantine and Fireteam, aping modes in popular retail releases to tremendous effect.

“We have worked extremely hard to make sure that our players get new, fun and interesting content delivered as frequently as possible,” said Min Kim, Nexon America’s vice president of marketing. “The progress we have made with Combat Arms is significant, substantial and added a great deal to the outstanding summer success for Nexon America.”

Nexon continues to grow Combat Arms, recently adding new zombie maps to the Quarantine mode and a new mercenary character modeled after a movie action hero, and I can’t see them stopping anytime soon. You can almost rest assured that if a new FPS game type becomes popular, Combat Arms will get a free version of it eventually. It’s a business model that work—just ask those three million users. Visit the Combat Arms website if you’re interested in becoming one of them.


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