360 250GB HDD Won't Be Sold Separately

When Microsoft announced that a bundle including two controllers, a new game and a 360 with a 250GB HDD was "only" $US399 (Kotaku AU: $599 in Australia), it led many to think the days of over-priced 360 HDDs was over. It's not.

In this little demonstration video for the new console (consoles need trailers now?), Microsoft's Larry Hryb has announced that the 250GB HDD won't be sold separately.

And really, this move isn't that surprising. The 120GB HDD retails for a ridiculous $US150, but if the 250GB was ever released individually, it'd either be $US300+, or would drive the prices of Microsoft's other HDDs down. Neither of which are obviously that appealing for you/MS.


    im buying a normal elite to replace my pro. f**k that.

      Ummm do you need to replace a perfectly fine console?

    Well it WILL be sold separately when PS3 Slim announce a 250GB version.

    I still think 120GB is enough. For me anyway. I don't download HEAPS of demos and after a while i delete the ones i do download. We can't download TV Shows or anything yet in Australia so a 250GB HDD is just, a little extreme at the moment.

    Well I can see that M$ has decided that the Australian market is gullible enough to think they are gettig a bargin. If you base it off the current exchange rate we should be paying around $450-500 for this unit.

    With the way Xbox Australia is charging I won't be buying a M$ xbox system anytime in the future.

    Maybe if the console was made out carbon fibre, kevlar and rubberised materials I would consider buying it.

    Is it just me or is Major Nelson a massive dork? Its like he is some suit they got to head up Video Gaming? am I missing something?

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