360 Holiday Bundles To Include Pure, LEGO Batman

Ars Technica's ever-reliable Xbox mole has revealed that this year, like last year, the 360 will be bundled with a couple of games for the holiday season.

According to the insider, who has a flawless track record on these matters, the Elite will soon be bundled with free copies of LEGO Batman and racer Pure. Not a bad deal that, as you'd keep most people happy with one, if not both of those.

No word on a similar deal for the Arcade unit, but hey, it's only September.

Kotaku AU Note: He's talking about the US here. Console bundles are typically different in each territory, so even if it is true for the US, who knows if we'll get it here.

Mole spills holiday 360 bundle as Microsoft begins $US50 rebate [Ars Technica]


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