3D Coming To The PS3 In 2010

3D Coming To The PS3 In 2010

As expected, Sony have announced at the IFA Consumer Electronics show in Berlin that stereoscopic 3D will be coming to the PlayStation 3 in 2010.

This kind of 3D doesn’t need a special TV; rather, you just need a set of stereoscopic glasses, the likes of which you’ve probably already used once or twice at the movies in recent years. Or even at a games show, to play some WipeOut.

The update will come via a firmware update sometime next year, and will work for, apparently, “all” existing games. Apparently. Hey, it’s their claim, not ours.

Sounds gimmicky, I know, but combine this with the PS3’s motion controller and—dorky appearance aside—it could be something special.

PS3’s new 3D mode captured on video, coming in 2010 to all existing games [Engadget]


  • When they say “all” maybe they mean, if the developers release an update to work with the new firmware/3D update.

    otherwise, the games won’t work? I dunno..

    I’m sure if they wanted this to be a success and draw more attention to the PS3, they would pull a Microsoft and make it mandatory for developers to add a 3D Option of some sort.

    Sounds cool though. Going about it the right way too. No special tv, only via firmware update. Cooool.

  • When they say it workks with ALL PS3 games, does that mean 2D games too, like Eden?

    Perhaps they mean that while the 3D effects will need to be patched, they can use still use the glasses to ‘project’ the screen in space?

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