50+ PC Games For $US5

We point out the odd Steam sale here and there, but Steam isn't the only digital download store on the PC. There's also Direct2Drive, and for the next five weeks, they're having one hell of a sale.

See, the site is turning five, and to celebrate, a whole range of titles have had their prices cut to $US5. And they're not crummy old games, either. There's some good, good stuff on offer, like:

BioShock Civ IV STALKER X-Com Complete Bundle Ghost Recon 2 Saints Row 2 Call of Juarez

And that's just the start. More titles will be added over the next few weeks, including RPGs, MMOs, war games and indie titles.



    Is this sale AVAILABLE to us in Australia? The few games I've looked at so far have all said they're only available to the US, Canada and the UK...

    Looks like some stuff worth buying there, but before I do that, I have to ask.
    Are their games copy protected like DRM or is it just like license codes?

      According to their FAQ:
      "All licensing has a limit to the number of simultaneous activation to protect the product. However our customer service will see to it that should you encounter a need for more licenses that you are accommodated."

      "What is D2D Download Protection?
      Being gamers ourselves, D2D knows that there are always those unexpected occurrences—like your hard drive frying or a virus infection—that threaten your precious digital content. D2D's Download Protection helps put those worries to rest! D2D allows you to re-download your digital game purchases at no cost. So every time you download from D2D you'll get a great game and peace of mind."

      Source: http://www.direct2drive.com/staticpage.aspx?topic=about

    The title is missing the word each!

    Turns out SOME games are available to Australians/anyone outside the US/UK/Canada, but not a lot of them. Not the ones I want, anyway! Don't worry about buying one you can't play - it'll stop you if it's not "available" to your region.

    Well so much for the idea of getting Saints Row 2 for a bit of politically incorrect fun:
    "This product is only available for purchase in the United States, Canada and Mexico."

    I hate it when region comes into play :( main reason why i dont like D2D that and the lack of local server support... Heard alot of speed issues from them :(

    Screw you Direct2Drive. I was about to make an account and spend a shitton. Apparently my country isn't worthy of giving you our money.

    Even Hamrmonix finally released a game in Australia. Sheesh.

    score - bioshock for $5! couple i would have like region locked but hey 1/3 aint so bad

    Well even though it says basically "aussies bugger off" give it a try anyway. I have brought a ton of things from D2D and never had an issue with any of them.

      Except if you want to buy any specific games! Then you can probably not bother.

    I saw Assault on Dark Athena on that list this morning as well! Will check it out when I get home, hopefully it's available for Aussies...

      unfortunately not - that was one of the ones I tried as well

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