A Final Look Inside GRIN's "Fortress"

An anonymous tipster attended GRIN's going-out-of-business sale at the closed studio's offices in Stockholm and snapped several pictures that seem to be of its work on the Final Fantasy game it was rumoured to be making for Square Enix.

Here is a map of The Fortress, dated Jan. 22. "Fortress" is believed to be a code name for a Final Fantasy game. The map lists event locations of the different chapters in the game, possibly revealing key details of its story. "Friendship duel", "dragon event" "assassination + duel" and "boarding the floating core", are among the events listed.

These appear to be exterior concepts, possibly for Fortress. A schedule to the lower left breaks out the teams with their assignments: three different "roaming" teams were assigned to environments: "Terrain", "Desert" and "Forest." A one-man team last on the list was handling "material / sky dome." GRIN, the makers of Bionic Commando and Wanted: Weapons of Fate, went out of business a month ago. Reports had it that some former GRIN employees founded a new studio, Outbreak Studios, but it plans to focus on downloadable titles for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, iPhone, Games for Windows Live and PSPgo. Something of the scope of "Fortress," a code name believed to be for a Final Fantasy game, probably wasn't taken along with them.

Pretty straightforward, this is a mockup of the namesake fortress where the game takes place.

This is labelled "Desert Layoyut Guide" and is dated June 29. The environment is rough and rent by canyons and gorges.

This wipeboard appears to be a mockup of a side-scrolling action game, or at least something unrelated to "Fortress." There are 23 stages, starting with a seaside landing, progressing through a jungle, into urban settings and factories, and finally some sort of climax aboard a crashing aircraft.


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