A Little Bit Of Fable II For Free

Fable II finally gets a demo of sorts with the debut of Fable II: Game Episodes, the epic adventure split up into five bite-sized chunks, and the first one is free!

Fable II: Game Episodes is the full version of Fable II split up into five easy pieces, with all of the achievements, co-operative gameplay and hero-creating joy of the retail release. Xbox 360 owners can download the first episode today for free, taking their hero from childhood to young adulthood in the first volume, and then additional volumes are available at the player's leisure. It's the Time-Life Books of gaming.

Additionally, players who purchase the disc edition after downloading the free episode will carry over all of their statistics, experience, and items relatively seamlessly.

If you've yet to experience Fable II for yourself, you have no excuse anymore.


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