A Look At Just Cause 2's Island Of Panau

Really, I don't care which island this is located on, all I care about is that it features water, jungles and lots of tall structures to, hopefully, jump off of.

These latest screens of Eidos Interactive's free-roaming adventure game are keeping me interested. Head over to the official site if you want to check out the new podcast and a mini documentary about the game's vertical gameplay.


    The engine of the first game was fantastic for it's time also. The issue arises in if they've 1. Made the storyline fun. 2. The island isn't mostly 200000000000000 trees with tiny little towns doted around it.

      Mmm the engine was average.

      For an open-world, well probably good yes. But i wouldn't say SO FANTASTIC though. I kinda think the whole, it was on the original Xbox & all that didn't help it look as good as it could have looked.

      Entertaining though and this looks good. I'm just hoping it isn't repetitive with it's grappling gun as some of the trailers/screenshots keep showing.

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