A Look At Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign Mode

When you aren't kicking the living hell out of total strangers via Tekken 6's online multiplayer mode, you might fancy a play through the co-op Scenario Campaign mode. Here's some new screens from it.

I've never been a huge fan of the additional modes added to the console versions of the Tekken series, as they've never felt like all that much work had gone into them. Perhaps Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode will be different. Perhaps all the energy they saved giving it a halfway appealing name went into making it amazing. As long as I can play as the pink-haired girl, I'm not really all that concerned.


    The story mode in the Tekken series has been kinda weak, i wonder if this will actually be good this time around.

    But i cant wait to get this at home, the arcade edition rocks :)

    @ 03_copy.jpg

    Chainsaw attachments?! *sigh*

    @ 11_copy.jpg

    Where is her head?

    Tekken is slowly becoming far to stupid for it's own good...

      @ 11_copy.jpg

      Where is her head?

      Its behind the health bar. lol
      She's a robot, she can dislocate herself if she wants. =P

    At first I was all like =D YAY TEKKEN 6

    but then I was like =(

    I expected a real step up, but the characters look lame and the over all graphics look only just better than tekken 5

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