A Snapshot Of The World's PC Gaming Rigs

I just logged into my Steam account, and was asked to take part in a hardware survey. You all know what that means. It means it's time to take a look at Valve's latest hardware survey results!

Released periodically over Valve's online marketplace and gaming service, the immense popularity of Steam means these figures (the results of which are gathered from millions of users across the world) give us the best idea possible of just what makes up the "average" setup for the "average" PC gamer out there.

Here are the July 2009 results. To see them in more detail, hit the link below.

[Steam Hardware]


    Wow I thought my machine was out-dated, but it seems so is everybody else's

    imho pc users are moving to the more affordable "update when that game comes out that i really want" attitude.
    Not much has come out since cod4/fallout3/bioshock that is noteworthy enough and required an upgrade to run.
    i wouldn't expect many machines beefer than the mid range at the end of last year.

      8800GT was the level to play console oriented games, probably not much gain over that.

    I've found that by sticking with my 19" monitor (1280x1024), you can still max out the most recent games without requiring top end hardware, since there is less of the scene that needs rendering (I'm slightly above the average hardware according to that survey, E8400 + Radeon 4850). Although I am starting to think that my next upgrade will almost certainly include a 22" or 24" monitor.

    Also I think it's partly due to the fact that almost every single AAA title sells best on consoles, so obviously they need to run well on those platforms. This results in games that aren't pushing the recent PC hardware to it's limits (relative to PC games that appeared during the last generation of consoles that is)

    I have an gtx 285 and I still cant play crysis it shits me to tears.

    It is good to see that the majority of people have not fallen for upgrading to Vista, and instead will skip that stepping-stone OS and go directly for Windows 7 (Hopefuly MS will actually end up releasing a new OS that improves performance)

      hi Sagarat, i actually run windows 7 on my laptop, and i gotta say its sweet. i ran Vista at launch back when games for windows live was the only way to play halo 2 on PC.

      i have run Halo 2, neverwinter nights, COD4 all on my laptop perfectly, and found that 7 brings a lot to the table in terms of battery profiles compared to Vista, you can squeese a lot of juice out of your laptop if you know what your doing.

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