Activision Boss Bets Games Will "Eclipse" Movies, TV

Bobby Kotick, chief executive officer at Activision Blizzard and hero to gamers everywhere, is nothing if not confident. He's so confident in the video game industry that he sees the potential for it to surpass movies and TV.

That may be because his company is sitting on some of gaming's biggest franchises—Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero—or that Kotick's just a little power hungry. But he tells Barrons, "I view the medium as having the potential to eclipse film and television." And quickly. In five years or so.

Bob may have a point. Much has been made of the decline of television viewership in favour of other distractions, including the internet and video games, both of which can take away valuable screen time from Hollywood's cinematic and televised offerings. Plus, the TV doesn't even have a snazzy plastic peripheral one can play with.

Well, with the exception of the TV remote.

Game-Changing Hero Is Poised to Rule [Barrons]


    Video game sales have been surpassing money spent at the movie box office for years now. It's not a huge stretch to believe they'll eventually eclipse movies as the number 1 entertainment medium.

    Yeah, probably, especially if we're counting Wii games as 'games'.

    Broadcast TV died in my house (literally) when the antenna blew up. Hooked my PC, blu-ray player and 360 to the 40" panel. Never looked back, game on.

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