Activision Boss: Next Blizzard MMO To Have "More Broad Appeal"

No, Bobby Kotick isn't talking about a Blizzard developed, massively multiplayer online game that appeals more to women, but something that probably doesn't have orcs riding motorcycles. Something that won't cut into World of Warcraft's subscriber base.

The Activision Blizzard CEO's comments, as reported by GameSpot, will probably dash any hopes of a StarCraft or Diablo brand MMO. And that comment backs up what Blizzard COO Paul Sams recently said, that the unannounced online game will be "significantly different" from the World of Warcraft experience.

Blizzard's next MMOG to have 'more broad appeal' [Gamespot]


    They're doing World of Hello Kitty 2 ?

    Either way, we know if it just uses the WoW engine at it's base, it will be better than all the other MMO's out there except for WoW.

    Whatever MMO he's talking about PLUS WOW 2.
    How can you argue with $12+ million sold?

      By stating the obvious fact that the majority of the population are basically retarded. Also, Blah2, WoW is a cartoonish PoS

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