Adventures In Scribblenauts

When I posted my review of Scribblenauts yesterday quite a few people were asking for a place to talk about their own adventures playing the DS title. This is that place.

I'll reiterate one of my in-game adventures to get you started. The rest is up to comments:

Take for instance a problem I ran into in the 150th or so puzzle I was working on. Confronted by an area teeming with West Virginia's legendary Flatwoods Monster, my initial thought was to take out one urban legend with another. So I quickly typed in Chupacabre. Only I mistyped it and accidentally summoned not the panther-like, blood-sucking lizard of Mexican lore, but the delicious Mexican snack, a chalupa. Flummoxed, I dropped the chalupa in the hand of one of the monsters and summoned a vampire instead. The vampire quickly attacked the Flatwoods Monster who, seemingly confused by the treat she was just handed, began to swat at the creature with the chalupa. The vampire made quick work of her while I watched on belly laughing.

These are the moments that make this game sing. And they are plentiful.

Scribblenauts Review


    Dropping a baby onto the bottles to knock them over in that level in the first world.
    The level where you have to knock the bottles over "without using a gun".
    Infinitely more fun than just throwing a bowling bowl or something...

      I've dropped Zombies, Dragons, Dinosaurs, whatever is big i can think of, the trick is to get the Starite before it kills the chick. :D

      I summoned a knight fighting the black knight to knock them over.

      My favourite moment so far has been getting past the security guard without killing him = doughnut + glue + sleeping pill.

    There was a puzzle the first world that asked you to knoc all the bottles down without cheating and at once. So, i decided to drop a grizzly bear ontop of them. BUT it only gave me 45 creativity points. FML
    Has anyone else had that occur to them? Have a great idea and thenhave the game slap you in the face about it with the low points in award?

    I was on the "help the lumberjack do his job" puzzle, so I spawned a machine gun and gave it to the lumberjack, hoping he would shoot the tree down. He just stared at me. So I spawned a minigun, held it myself, and decided to show him how it was done. I missed the tree and shot the lumberjack! He was most unimpressed by these events, so he used the machine gun I'd just handed him to kill me! Hoisted by my own petard!

      Haha that's hilarious.
      I just passed him a sword and watched him slice and dice it...boring but semi-different.

        The usual types of saw is the way to go, hack saw, chain saw, axe, dragon (didn't work :( )I also tried a knife/cleaver, didn't work, can't remember though.

    i made the large hadron collider and an electron and picked up the electron and put it in the lhc. this resulted in a black hole and my imediate death! it was awesome

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