Aion Gets Rid Of Idle Shopkeepers To Lessen Queue Times

Aion general chat has one less thing to complain about this morning, as NCsoft takes steps to prevent folks from abusing the personal shop system in order to remain online during peak hours.

The shopkeeper system has been abused terribly since the North American launch of Aion. Here's how it was supposed to work: a player turns on the private store option, putting items up for sale into special slots, assigning prices. They then become a clickable shop that players can browse.

The problem that arose is that becoming a shop acted as an anti-idle, allowing players to remain connected for long periods of time with no input on their part. A player would slip into store mode, set one item at a ridiculously high price, and then wander off to eat dinner or run to the store, without fear of coming back disconnected and having to wait in line again. This contributed greatly to the long lines of people waiting to get into the game during peak playing times. With less people disconnecting, the wait time only grew.

This morning Aion's servers went down for maintenance, and came back up with a 30-minute timer on personal shops, which should go great lengths towards cutting down wait time. At least until everyone figures out my special method of anti-idle, the pecking bird egg timer on the W key.

Server Maintenance [Aion - Thanks Alex!]


    So now no one call sell things in a shop?
    GG, breaking gameplay elements because NCsoft doesn't want dead servers in a few months time.

      Agreed, now they've screwed people who are using it for LEGIT purposes...

      ??? You can still sell on your own shop, only now you're limited to 30 minutes for doing nothing. If you want to sell stuffs for longer, there're always game broker.

    Good to see people actually read the article before complaining.

    Great to see this. Yesterday my mate tried to login for a short period before work to find a 1hour queue, I also ran into a 40 minute queue last night as well.

    There are the game brokers as Yonas said if you really want to sell something. Private stores only seem good for selling quest items near the quest NPC or trying to sell stuff to passerbys in busy areas.

    The next thing they need to do is an easy report system for gold/leveling sellers, my mailbox ingame gets hit with those everyday and my chat gets hit at least a few times an hour with whispers from them.

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