Alienware Promises To Shake The Gaming World At TGS

For its first-ever appearance at the Tokyo Game Show, PC manufacturer promises to "shake the gaming world to its foundation".

"You've seen the Invasion videos, now prepare yourself for landfall. Stay locked to Alienware's facebook page to receive daily updates from the Tokyo Game Show."

We'll be on hand to see just how far down the shaking goes once news of Alienware's announcement hits ground zero outside of Tokyo.

In the meantime check out the official website for the upcoming news and this video.

Call me crazy, but my money is on a new gaming laptop.

All Powerful [Alienware]


    This is crap.. everyone knows the pc gaming industry is on life support from casual games and wow.

    The only thing that could "revolutionise" pc gaming .. is to put a 360 inside a pc.

    Alienwares huge marketing budget for even there small announcements would mean if it was that.. it would be written on the moon in 300ft high text of cheese by now.

    Prepare to be disappointed.

      Um why would anybody want an underpowered pc in their pc? Oh right your trolling my bad.


    PC gaming will never die, may never be as popular as consoles.

    But if Sony and MS force people to use motion control those people will come back to the PC.

    Casual loves Motion control
    Core Games hate it

    As long as consoles use controllers over Keyboard/Mouse PC gaming will always have a spot for me.

    Gee I wonder what they will be accouncing? Maybe their new range of $20.000+ super computers with about $2000 worth of parts and a slick looking case

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