All 22,802 Words In Scribblenauts

Attributed only to "some hackerish type" who took apart the ROM, Scribblenauts' full dictionary has—inevitably —made it to the Internet. In terms of scope, this is the biggest spoiler alert we can offer.

For those who want to discover everything that's in this amazing game for the DS, on their own, avert thine eyes. For others who aren't buying it, or don't mind otherwise, this list provides hours of reading fun. I'd suggest printing it out and keeping it in the bathroom, it's a great timekiller for taking a dump.

Here are a few I found intriguing.

Air Raid Shelter Claret Jug (as in the trophy from The British Open?) Druid Microraptor Steak Fries Velvet Rope

The Reddit thread that discovered this also has some amazing combinations from their commenters. The Truth Machine !DumP.BODYY's FULL DICTIONARY F—K YEAH [Text File, via CrunchGear and Joystiq]


    holy freaking shitballs... i had read that there was somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand words... but 22 thousand is a hell of an achievement...

      Different countries have their own culturally related words and phrases, so the total will probably vary from place to place.

    Well id love to be playing it next week but its been delayed to the 30th... :(

      Yeah I was hoping to pick up a copy, now I have to wait another 15 days :/

    I tried out microraptor - it turns out that it's something like a small pterodactyl and it's scared of fire, fun to use though

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