Already, It's Time For DJ Hero 2

While Guitar Hero is a licence to print money, DJ Hero is less of a sure bet. For all we know, it may stink up the joint! That's not bothering Activision, though, as they're already looking for more developers.

More developers, and more artists.

According to, "at least one independent UK games developer" is chatting with FreeStyleGames about working on DJ Hero 2, and one of the famous DJs already being approached is Qbert.

Hope the game goes well, then! Activision recruiting talent for DJ Hero sequels []


    ive never been into periherbal games...

    i knew this would happen as soon as guitar hero surfaced

    not only that but all the wannabe ----heros out there thinking its so awesome

    and yes ive played them ofcourse, i wouldnt form my opinion on nothing.

    If that's credible, anyone on the fence about Activision being a cash cow must now pick the obvious side - no sane person could deny it.

    DJ HERO is a very good game. i am very impressed with the music and the way you play the game. I did not buy any of the GUITAR HERO games because personally, the music did not appeal to me. I'm not saying GUITAR HERO is a bad game, its just i'm not into that perticular type of music. I precdict DJ HERO is going to do very good as far as sales. It might lose a few GUITAR HERO fans, but its going to gain a whole lot more than people expect.

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