Alright, Who Invited The Elf To The Party ...

Meet Zevran. You can tell he's an elf because of the pointy ears. You can tell he's an assassin because of the curvy blade. You can tell this is Dragon Age: Origins because it's got nekkid people by the fireside.

Dragon Age Origins City Zevran Trailer HD [GameVideos]


    whhhhhhhhhhy D:

    the voice acting is all wrong Dx

    cover kitty's ears

    Gee I hope they didn't pay actual money to those voice actors.

    Note to self: If trying this game on release, unplug the speakers first and turn on subtitles.

    He sounds like Inigo Montoya. Or Inigo Montoya in a low budget high school production.

    Is that Quake 2 music at the end there?

    does anyone else think this game looks a bit silly?

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