And The Last, Secret Beatles: Rock Band Song Is...

Some "surprise" this turned out to be. While we're sure MTV would have liked this to remain a secret until a little closer to the game's September 9 release, word has already got around that the game's final song is...


"The End".


If this checks out (it's unconfirmed for now, but seems likely, as the Abbey Road DLC won't be out until October), was it really worth all the fuss? I mean, nice song and all, and poignant considering the circumstances, but the secrecy around it probably had people thinking it was something a little more... well, worthy of all the secrecy.

The Beatles Rock Band - (almost) Full song list!! (44/45) [ScoreHero]


    yeah, a bit disapointing. i was hoping that my favourite beatles song, a day in the life would be included, but alas ill have to purchase it via dlc.


    I'm sick of these music games.

    saturation of market now complete

      It's likely the music exists as a direct result of the influence of the Beatles. This isn't exactly just another music game, it breaks ground in its design and story elements. I'd say this is elevating the music game genre to new, much more worthy heights.
      For what it's worth The Beatles are much more worthy of a game than say Aerosmith.
      Market saturation isn't complete, there are only 2 major franchises, in contrast top the many many (mostly WWII) shooters.

        ^ yawnfest

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