And The PS3 Box Redesigns Commence

With a new PS3 comes a new PS3 logo, and with a new PS3 logo comes a new PS3 box. And a new PS3 box means all the cover art we've seen for upcoming games needs to be changed.

First off the blocks is Uncharted 2. Old art on the left, new one on the right. Note the art itself hasn't changed, and probably won't for other games in this situation. Still, the new box is definitely an improvement. Getting rid of that "PLAYSTATION 3" spine down the side certainly gives the art some room to breathe.


    Looks crap to me. The thick border at the top makes the main art look compressed, while the previous "Playstation 3" framed it quite nicely.

      Mr Waffle



      Still gonna keep saying it, Sony are stupid! I liked the Spidey font? Did no one else. It doesn't affect your gaming i know, but it was cool. This new one looks , cheap and girly.

      But yeah, his head looks weird in the newer box art. Although with the old one, i didn't like it how it had the text at the top and the spine. They should have just had the spine and the "Only On Playstation" plus PSN logos smaller and along the spine too. That would look weird also, so maybe just leave them out. Lol.

      I guess its harder for the design to look good cause the cases are smaller with Blu-Ray. Xbox is easy, have Xbox 360 one the left , LIVE on the right and if its an exlusive, a stamp in between.

    We'll get used to it, no real option there. It was handy to easily spot the PS3 games by the vertical spine logo. But meh, I'll get used to looking at the header.

    It wont look compressed when box art designed for the new ps3 logo starts coming out

    Technically aren't we seeing LESS of the artwork with that header covering part of it?

    Looks the same to me, I'm more worried about the game!

    Damn that looks way crap...

    You have to remember that Sony BD cases are roughly 3/4 the height of conventional DVD cases, having the logo on the spine was the smart way to go as it kept aspect ratio set at 9:16 (like a HDTV lengthways).

    But now having it squished on the top shrinks the height EVEN MORE and looking at the artwork by itself it looks like a fucking square now... =...=

    Oh man this in conjunction with that failure 3.0 firmware...

    new box art = fail
    new font = not as cool as spidey font
    removal of the jingle and splash screen before a game start = sadface

    oh well, we'll get used to it

    Yeah, it looked much better before. Now it's too squashed up the top. The spine logo really framed the art beautifully.

    WOO! GO SONY! =_=

    To be honest, this new box art is going to make the rest of my game collection look out of place. or vice versa. Either way, I don't like it. I'm fine with a redesigned console, why do we need new boxes?

    WHooooo cares don't judge the game by the cover LOL.

    The only issue with that is that EB Games put Trade N' Save stickers in the upper left corner, and that will cover the PS3 logo, resulting in severe confusion for parents and non-gamers. I don't know if other games retailers put stickers in the upper left corner as well, though.

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