Another 250GB 360 Bundle, This Time For Forza 3

Microsoft today have announced a second 250GB Xbox 360 bundle to go with the Modern Warfare pack from earlier in the week.

While this bundle includes two wireless controllers and a 250GB HDD, there's a few key differences. Firstly, this pack comes with a copy of Forza 3, not MW2. Obviously. And secondly, while MW2 earned itself a custom paint job, the Forza 3 pack will just be a plain, regular 360.

It's only been announced for the European market so far, with a release date of October 23 and the price set at £249.99 (AU$472).


    Another crappy overpriced bundle, just get the elite model with the free halo games.

    thats more like a bundle i would go for in upgrading from my launch console with only 20gb:(

    Hope we see this Down Here.

    I dont particularly want Modern Warfare 2 all over my console...

    Id rather pick this one up instead.

    Will definitely buy if it's $500 over here.... Have a feeling we wont get it or it will be $599 like the COD package.

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