Another Final Fantasy Game, Another Final Fantasy Drink

Square Enix and beverage company Suntory announced during tonight's Final Fantasy XIII party that, as is becoming custom, they'll once again be pairing to release a line of FF-themed drinks for the Japanese market.

The drinks, called Final Fantasy XIII Elixir, will be out sometime this "Winter". Since every line of these things seems to be little more than a repackaging of the last, why not satisfy your curiosity by reading my taste test of a previous product.

There are little collectible figures as well for people to, wait for it, collect.

I did try this new elixir tonight as it was served as a mixed drink. If you cannot stomach the exilir, which is made from things like royal jelly, try adding vodka. Vodka makes everything better, you know. Well, save for peanut butter. Strawberry jam makes that better.


    another energy drink with a name to target a niche market. not a bad idea from a marketing standpoint. i found a funny article on energy drink names over here:

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