Another Metal Gear Fan Made Movie

Just like the title says: Another Metal Gear Solid fan movie — no, wait! Don't go. This one actually looks somewhat professional and is relatively watchable. I know, we're shocked, too.

Written and directed by some guy named Giacomo Talamini, the fan flick claims to be totally non-for-profit and has CG graphics, military vehicles, exotic locales and even a gravely Snake voice.

Though, Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy? Really?

Full flick in the link below.

Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy [Official Site]


    This has been in the making for awhile, it's great to see it finally released. I remember just being impressed with the trailer's for it.

    Was just as good as Escape From City 17. Loved it. Its just a pain in the ass I have to wait for part 2 now.

    Wow... Really, really, good.

    Decent Snake voice too.

    HOLY CRAP! I cant believe thats a fan made movie! Its better than some DVD release movies i have watched. Not enough time to watch it before work, so i am going to download the movie and watch it on my PS3 =)

    Almost pulls off snakes voice as well! Top effort!!

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