APB Is So Very GTA

If the latest gameplay trailer for Realtime Worlds' APB doesn't have you drawing comparisons to Grand Theft Auto, then you probably haven't played Grand Theft Auto.

McWhertor mentioned the similarities between the two titles in his impressions of APB from Gamescom in Germany last month, and this gameplay clip completely backs him up. Of course this isn't a bad thing. I've had countless hours of fun just tooling around in Free Ride mode in Grand Theft Auto IV, so I could definitely see the finer points of a game that takes that and gives it a direction.

In short, I'd totally hit it, but I'd be thinking of something else.


    Yeah and its because of critics like YOU that prevent new IP from reaching a broader audience. One persons opinion can sometimes change ones thoughts on trying out a game.

    If people stop comparing every Action Adventure to GTA then games like Saints Row (which is so much fun and much better than GTA IV) would sell more and become more popular. But oh no, everyone compares EVERYTHING to GTA. Yes GTA is a great series and none of the games are bad at all, (GTA 4 isn't bad, just didn't live up to expectations or the suspense.) but it wasn't the first Sandbox Action Adventure game & its certainly not the last series to do so.

    Besides, this is an MMO. BUT OH WAIT! Its being developed in a NYC type city by devs who made a 360-exclusive Sandbox game titled Crackdown which WAS ALSO compared to GTA.


      I'm not sure what crack you're smoking but GTAIV took a big steamy crap on SR2. Go nerdrage somewhere else.

    I think this is more comparable to Saint Row 2 than GTA..

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