Apple Takes Swipe At Nintendo DS, PSP Games

iPhone maker Apple has been clear about its interest in highlighting games for platform, calling the iPod Touch the "funnest iPod ever", but it hasn't take a competitive swipe as blatant as the one it made today.

During Apple's "It's Only Rock And Roll" keynote today, Phil Schiller showed pictures of the Nintendo DS and PSP, claiming the portable game devices "don't stack up against the iPod touch". To underscore that point, Schiller pointed to the features of the company's iPhone platform and tossed out some serious numbers.

Schiller made his argument in bullet point form, saying that the competitors' games were too expensive, the platforms lacked a multi-touch interface, have no "App Store" and "no iPod". One might be able to argue that access to an app store is an outdated claim, factoring in DSiWare and access to the PlayStation Store on Nintendo's and Sony's platforms.

But Schiller continued the argument with a big number: 21,178. That's the number of games on the iTunes App Store. He compared that to 607 for the PSP and 3,680 for the DS. How many of those any of us would want to actually play, however, is a different story.

Apple's definitely gunning for Nintendo and Sony's territory more than ever, highlighting a handful of games from EA Sports and Gameloft during today's talk.


    This is a laughably shallow swipe, aimed squarely at the only people who'd swallow it - the laughably shallow.

    In other news, apples are better than oranges! This is due to their inherent appleness, which is sadly lacking in oranges... a deficiency which orange producers have yet to address! Oranges completely fail at being appley - thus apples are clearly superior!

      LOL you just made my day

      Indeed that was an excellent point, I would stand and remove my hat at you, were I not already standing and not wearing a hat.

    Yeah, but imagine how many better games there are on the NDS/PSP.

    That's like saying I've got 1 million rocks and all you have is 500,000 dollars.

    Wow... I actually saw this one coming a while back but didn't know how this was going to pitch... Even with its adoption rate, popularity and business model.

    A couple of prediction if I may...
    Possible controller like device as to how the PSP and DS/DSi for mainstream titles such as the EA Sport titles.. I'm guessing something like the feel of the PSP Go
    Battle against those that go Argh! (Anyone can guess)
    A pocket rocket of a device in the coming year in the event of mainstream games being added in if they require a great deal of resource. (Space + RAM)

    If many companies pick up Apple's alternate device, there could be a major shift against both Sony and Nintendo (include Nokia if you think they are that important) due to the ability to cut out the middle man and the lack of publicity in the pirating world about Apple's apps and games

    Is that adding both full and demos to get that number? Does the beer app where you slide the glass down the bar count as a game?

    Maybe Adobe will come out next with a flash based handheld and claim 12 hundred million games on their platform, mostly free.

    Regardless article has already highlighted 99% of those on the iPhone are shit.

    That statement sounds like something Sony or Microsoft would say. As has been stated, out of those 20,000+ games on the App Store, about 20 of them are actually worth paying money for. Has this been their mandate, to allow crap on the app store simply to get the numbers up for BS presentations and shallow marketing hyperbole?

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait.
    Is he telling me that my DS and PSP have "no iPod"?
    I'm going to go to EB Games and hand them a sternly worded letter that says "Why isn't my DS or PSP an iPod?" and frown alot. That'll teach them.

      Here's a simple and quick solution to your iPod woes in terms of branding from Apple...

      Print out something iPod related and make it small or ball enough to fit your device's size and glue it to the shell of your device... if you really hate the advertising by the handheld of choice, paste your blantant Apple advertising over the screen of your device and enjoy constant Apple/iPod advertising everywhere you go... you may not be able to see your games being played, but it is only at a small cost of enjoying the company of your favourite Apple device plastered all over your screen just to keep you company.

      Repeat steps as need be to not feel too lonely from not being near an Apple/iPod device

      *Currently: In a Caffine Rush... dammit!*

    Sounds like the new N-gage to me.

    It's just like how a MAC's a serious gaming platform...oh wait...

    Yeh I'll give my kids a $1500 iphone to play games on....

    “funnest iPod ever”

    Ugh. Grammar fail.

    Iphone games suck. More then 200 of those games are soduko... and then another bunch for crosswords, and poker.

    Anyone who thinks the iPhone or touch are good gaming devices (let alone superior) is dreaming. Anything aside from basic puzzle games is awful to control. This is such a laughable claim I'm not even going to laugh.

    I'd rather have 1 mediocre DS game than a thousand of the App Store's best games.

    I have a very simple answer to this garbage:

    DS has 1 Mario. Ipod has 0.

    Waiting for the "I'm a DS", "I'm an IPod" commercials now.

    Apple are sinking bad. Not in the amount of money they make or their sales. But in their marketing and intentions.

    This is a LAME attempt really.

    Over 20,000 games. Half of them are "Apps" that take 10 minutes to pass. Or lose interest in 10 minutes. No one i know sits there and plays a game on the iPhone or iPod Touch like they do with a PSP.

    Not only that, did Apple mention that OF the small amount of games that available on the iPhone (that are also on the PSP/DS) need to be dumbed down in order to be playable. Now the iPhone is probably more powerful and graphically better than the DS, but no where near the PSP.

    Both the DS and PSP have musical functions. But i don't think Nintendo or Sony went out to create a device that played music better than games. Apple are clearly stupid here. VERY stupid.

    And anyway, not everyone likes Touch screen. That means in phones and gaming consoles.

    Ugh, I have a heap of games on my iPhone, but the only ones I can play without forcing mysef are simple casual 5 minute games liek Peggle and Bloons. Resident Evil 4 on iPhone controls awfully, but if they released it on PSP, it would play control well, and look better :D

    iPod Touch and iPhone as gaming platforms are good for quick simple games, but for anything complex/non-touch screen friendly, the buttons/general goodness of DS/PSP win.

    This hardly could be any more off target. OK, what's the next PSP/DS killer... Flash?

    haven't ya all heard yet apple is goona compet in the console wars agenst sony microsoft nintendo and rumurs has it that sega will return i gotta wear my baby childhood hoody and go to planet pluto to meet alieans for cod 3 fight

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