Are These Super Street Fighter IV Screens?

A French gaming website claims to have the first screenshots of Super Street Fighter IV, the update to the latest game in Capcom's fighting franchise. Is this our first glimpse of T. Hawk and Juri?

Capcom has hinted at news regarding an update to Street Fighter IV sometime this week, with a Japanese teaser suggesting new warriors were entering the ring. Now French website claims to have received these images from an anonymous source, depicting T. Hawk from Super Street Fighter II and Juri from the Street Fighter Alpha series, also known as Juli.

The screens certainly seem legitimate, and the two characters jibe with rumours that have been swirling about the internets since last week. Of course rumours are rumours. We contacted Capcom for comment on these screens, and have yet to hear back.

Hit up the link for more pictures of Juri and T. Hawk sporting Street Fighter IV makeovers.

Super Street Fighter IV en préparation []


    Why the hell does Juri look like she just jumped out of Jet Set Radio? She's supposed to be one of Bison's brainwashed "dolls", like Cammy. Juri and Juni are supposed to have shadowloo uniforms.

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