Assassin's Creed 2 Delayed (On PC)

Here's a sad, familiar tale: Assassin's Creed 2, a major multiplatform release, has seen its PC version delayed. Not the console versions, just the PC one.

A short statement from Ubisoft says the delay is to ensure "a bit more time for the dev team to deliver the best quality game to you".

All well and good considering the problems that plagued the PC release of the first Assassin's Creed, but still a little disappointing.

UPDATE: Just to add that it's been delayed to the "first quarter of 2010."

[Ubisoft @ Twitter]


    Assassin's Creed: Check!
    Borderlands: Check!

    All thats needed now is the Mass Effect 2 PC to be announced which we ALL know is coming and probably Bioshock 2.

      What about Brutal Legend hey?

    Go figure, all PC versions seem to need some sorta "optimisation" nowadays. I don't even know why developers even bother giving a release date that coincides with a console counterpart anymore. They should just give the release date for PC versions as "after the console one comes out" from now on cuz that seems to be the annoying trend nowadays. I miss the days when PC games arrived on time (and weren't a shitty port).

    I think they're delaying PC releases so more people purchase the console versions, so less pirating.

      You're pretty much hitting the nail on the head there. On the bright side, the delay means they'll have more time to make sure the PC version is really polished up, which is all the better for PC Gamers. I loved the first Assassin's Creed on PC, so I'll be waiting for this one too. Ubisoft generally tend to be good with ports anyway.

    Can't say I'm surprised

    Ah well guess that frees up my gaming schedule for just modern warfare 2


    By "optimisation" I hope you mean not adding in proper graphics options, disregarding terrible mouse lag and leaving the console button graphics in the menu.

    Kinda missed an important tidbit of information there Kotaku. The one being that this delay is until 2010.

    I'm 100% behind them. Tired of getting poorly made ports I have absolutely no problem waiting for a proper product. Getting tired of needing patches just to play the damn game out of the box!

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