Assassin's Creed Producer Raymond To Lead Ubisoft Toronto

The recently announced Ubisoft Toronto studio has a new boss, Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond, Ubisoft announced today. She'll be overseeing the new studio, focusing on "AAA games and new intellectual properties."

Raymond will be working under the "governance" of Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft's Montreal and Toronto development studios, at Ubisoft Toronto which is said to be home to some 800 jobs. As of right now, Raymond is toiling away as executive producer on Assassin's Creed II and "other Ubisoft projects" according to the release.

Jade joined Ubisoft's Montreal studio in 2004 as a producer, but has kept a lower profile during the development of the sequel while still impressing the powers that be at corporate. We wish the Ubisoft Toronto team best of luck and godspeed to new executive headshots.


    Is the 'executive producer' role the one that tells us how great the game is in video interviews?

    Yes, she's Molyneux but HOT...

    It's funny, on Gamasutra another female producer is implying she only got the job because of her looks, and that she should have got the promotion.

    Damn hot though, but I highly doubt Ubisoft would have her lead their major titles just based on her looks.

    The controversial comic released during or after Assasins creed featuring porno style skits about Jade Raymond sure took a toll on her ego/forwardness as being eye candy to sell a game. Insert lol etc..... meh

    She can sell me games anyday.

    Wow, idiots buy shitty games because some chick works on them.

    God i hate you stereotypical virgins.

    I bought AC, it was pure rubbish and the sequel will be exactly the same.

      agreed, game was pure shitness.

      But it is however undeniable that she's hot

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