Atari Gets A New Money Man

Atari found its new chief financial officer from Not that they went literally advertising on the service, which promises careers paying more than $US100,000 annually. They got the guy who was its veep for finance.

Philip Veneziano, say hello to a customer base even more finicky and prone to complaint than high-strung white collar workers: the video gamer. In a statement announcing his arrival, Veneziano said Atari faces "a tremendous opportunity to gain market share".

In a way, it already is. Atari also announced its first quarter revenue grew 30% compared to 2008, attributed to two factors: Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and the fact Atari published about zero titles in the preceding year.

Atari Appoints Chief Financial Officer [Edge Online]


    They also did not tell anyone that they changed the metal batarangs to plastic ones. Never again will I buy anything with Atari's name on it

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