AU Diary: How Australian Is Scribblenauts?

AU Diary: How Australian Is Scribblenauts?

We heard word this morning that the UK is getting its own localised version of Scribblenauts to accommodate the peculiarities of British vs American English. But how about Australian English?

I asked Warner Bros. whether any work had been done to localise Scribblenauts for an Australian audience. The answer is no, but we will be getting the UK version rather than the American. Makes sense, I guess, given our shared preference for the letters “u” and “s”… which I’ve just realised carries a certain irony.

So I want to test just how Australian Scribblenauts actually is. I know it does include some animals native to Australia (i.e. kangaroo) and certain objects we think of as our own (i.e. boomerang). But just how extensive is it?

Hit me up with your ideas of what things an Australian version of Scribblenauts should include and I’ll test them out and report back.


  • So wait we will be getting Scribblenauts with football meaning soccer? Makes sense to me.

    Even though I think football should be named handegg.

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve heard dingo is in there.
    thongs (as opposed to flip flops)
    soft drink (aka pop, soda)
    football (will it have rugby, afl, soccer?)

  • We could go into rhyming slang (dead horse etc), but that could get weird…

    What about Shelia (woman), shrimp (or prawns), drongo, dingo (see what happens when you put a dingo next to a baby, too), Akubra (the hat), ANZAC (biscuit or soldier), bathers, billy (or billy can), bushranger, barbie (I’ll assume this one will be the doll…)

    Can’t wait for this game! Why does Australia always get crap release dates??

  • The only thing I think they’ll really need to do is change Jail to Gaol. Of course, there are a few other minor things, but there aren’t really too many things to change.

  • I don’t know if anyone remembers the hilux ad. I want the dog that says bugger in it XD
    I’d also like to see a Sheila put in.

  • works
    ute works
    bogan works (same as hillbilly)
    tucker (chicken drumstick)
    dingo (yes it eats a baby)

    doesnt work
    bloke, sheila, speedos, tinny, uluru

  • Tried everything mentioned so far on the US version (plus some extras I thought of) and it knows an incredible amount about Australia. Before giving the list I tried, you might want to just take my word for it and then experiment when you get it (and I highly recommend you do. I had a lot of fun checking these, you might want to do the same yourself 🙂

    (You might be able to guess how I can test these – call me impatient – and yes I’ll be buying it when it comes out. Although I might buy an import to get it cheaper.)

    Some things it appears to recognise but then gives something generic, for example Drop Bear just gives a regular bear. It does a lot of that, ignoring a descriptor if it doesn’t know it but recognises the base object.

    **SPOILER WARNING! – List follows**

    Barbie – gives a barbecue, no option for the doll which is trademarked/copyright/whatever
    Ute – sorriest looking ute I’ve ever seen, but it works 😉
    Wombat – had to try 🙂
    Quokka !
    Thong/s – looks like a blouse/top thing, underwear produces the same
    Roo – they’re huge! – must be reds 😉
    Tucker – gives option of food (a drumstick) or human. No idea who Tucker is meant to be.
    Damper – a loaf of bread
    Dingo – looks slightly different to a fox (I thought they might use the same graphic). Put a baby down and the dingo ate it which will please some and upset others.
    Soft drink – a bottle of what looks suspiciously like Coke. Same as Soda.
    Football – being a US version, gave me an American football although I doubt it would differentiate between that and a Rugby ball. The UK version might give a soccer ball though.
    Drop Bear – works but gives a regular bear.
    Shrimp – which isn’t bothered by being placed on the barbie
    Akubra (Drizabone isn’t tho)
    Bathers, togs, cozzies, swimmers – looks like some weird piece of body armour
    Billy – choice of container (billy can 🙂 or developer – some guy in a brown jacket. Probably one of the developers (duh!)
    Bushranger – no, not wearing a Ned Kelly outfit. But…
    Ned Kelly – !!! I was so excited when this looked like it was going to work, but then got a black duck-like bird. Same as Crow.
    Bogan – as swordfish noted, it’s a hillbilly. Half buttoned overalls and what might be a straw hat.
    Thunder Box – regular wooden box
    Jail – but Gaol wasn’t recognised
    Budgie Smugglers – a smuggler/thief
    Snag – a sausage
    Grouse – it’s a bird
    Icy Pole – a regular pole
    Hoop Snake – regular snake

    Some of these unlocked new scenes on the title screen.

    Some of the things it didn’t produce:
    Grog, tinny, etc – Won’t do alcohol (in common form, it’s got a whole bunch of chemicals in and I don’t know what they all are)
    Steve Irwin does not work
    Fanny – “Did you mean: Fanboy” Almost appropriate 😀
    Drizabone – nothing generic to make it look like, I guess.

    • PS Sorry, David, this might have stolen your thunder, I guess. Remove if you want although it’d still be interesting to see the differences in the UK version.

  • Yowie
    Goon Bag!!
    Emu, Wallaby, roo – walk backwards?
    Esky, Chilly Bin
    Tassie devil
    Mungo Man
    Meat pie
    Stubby holder
    Cricket bat
    Digger, Cobber
    Pokie machine
    Surf board
    Dunny, Loo
    Crocodile, or aligator
    Granny Smith

  • Vegemite. TimTam. DimSim. Chiko Roll. Icy Pole. Freddo Frog. Caramello Koala. Schooner. Longneck.
    Datsun. Commodore. Falcon.
    Bert Newton. Sandra Sully. Indira Naidoo. Carl Williams. Chopper Read. Hugh Jackman. Michael Caton. Tim Cahill. Darren Lockyer. Ricky Ponting. Kevin OhSeven. Logie.
    Chesty Bonds. Ugg boots. Crocs. Speedos. Footy Jumper. Stubbies.
    Nipple Cripple. Sprinkler Trampoline. Waterbomb (as opposed to water ‘balloon’). Brumby. Wombat. Bushpig. Bunyip. Yowie. Rainbow Serpent. Hills Hoist.

    For starters.

    • hristinho18 theres no trademarks or real people so most of that list wont work. also fanny doesn’t work no rude things abut fanny pack does (give u a bum pack, hmm didn’t try putting in bum pack)

  • Understanding the rules of what the game can spawn cuts down a lot from the suggestions people have asked about. Not that I’d want to detract from the fun of bathing in Australiana for the sake of it.

    eg. it can’t spawn anything that is trademarked. So that means Speedos, Tim Tams, Holdens and all that sort of stuff is out. The simple reason is the owners of the trademarks could demand compensation for using the name.

    Propper nouns (names of people and places) are a grey area. You will find some in the game as a bonus, as you will find a lot of Internet memes and such – but it doesn’t make any claim to covering these.

    And finally it spawns objects. I don’t quite know what people expect to spawn when they put in “nipple cripple” or “grouse” 😛

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