AU Diary: How Australian Is Scribblenauts?

We heard word this morning that the UK is getting its own localised version of Scribblenauts to accommodate the peculiarities of British vs American English. But how about Australian English?

I asked Warner Bros. whether any work had been done to localise Scribblenauts for an Australian audience. The answer is no, but we will be getting the UK version rather than the American. Makes sense, I guess, given our shared preference for the letters "u" and "s"... which I've just realised carries a certain irony.

So I want to test just how Australian Scribblenauts actually is. I know it does include some animals native to Australia (i.e. kangaroo) and certain objects we think of as our own (i.e. boomerang). But just how extensive is it?

Hit me up with your ideas of what things an Australian version of Scribblenauts should include and I'll test them out and report back.



    Do bogan. Can't think fo anything else though.

    there's a start
    how bout a post about some of your favorite combinations in the game?

    So wait we will be getting Scribblenauts with football meaning soccer? Makes sense to me.

    Even though I think football should be named handegg.

    Steve Irwin
    and of course, Chk Chk Boom

    Aww... I made myself sad :(

      Steve Irwin isn't in it. I wanted to do sting ray and steve irwin...:(

    Not being able to type bush tukka will kill me inside.

    Can yo ucheck Aboriginie, Indiginous and indian?

    What comes up when you type in:

    I'm pretty sure I've heard dingo is in there.
    thongs (as opposed to flip flops)
    soft drink (aka pop, soda)
    football (will it have rugby, afl, soccer?)

      DINGO. BABY. Either you'll find it hilarious, or be incredibly offended.

    Drop Bears!!

      Drop bears would be so freakin' sweet.


    We could go into rhyming slang (dead horse etc), but that could get weird...

    What about Shelia (woman), shrimp (or prawns), drongo, dingo (see what happens when you put a dingo next to a baby, too), Akubra (the hat), ANZAC (biscuit or soldier), bathers, billy (or billy can), bushranger, barbie (I'll assume this one will be the doll...)

    Can't wait for this game! Why does Australia always get crap release dates??

    Well you can stone the flamin' crows... I don't know how much more Australian you can make it.

    Barnsey, Farnsey and AckaDacka.

    It should have Bogan as a word, then a guy with a flanny is shown.

    Have to try 'barbie' as in barbeque...

    Bogan and thunder box.

    The only thing I think they'll really need to do is change Jail to Gaol. Of course, there are a few other minor things, but there aren't really too many things to change.

      I don't know many australians that even realise it's spelt gaol here instead of jail.

        wasnt the spelling of gaol changed years ago to jail...

    Drongo, sheila, togs, speedos, DTs, budgie smugglers, snag, sanger, tinny...

    I only have one request;


    cozzies or swimmers.

    thongs ends up as underwear - tried it :(


    Fair dinkum.

    I don't know if anyone remembers the hilux ad. I want the dog that says bugger in it XD
    I'd also like to see a Sheila put in.

    ute works
    bogan works (same as hillbilly)
    tucker (chicken drumstick)
    dingo (yes it eats a baby)

    doesnt work
    bloke, sheila, speedos, tinny, uluru

    I've heard that typing in "Steve Irwin" will pop up a Hunter, who will attack any stingray you spawn..... No joke.

      Yeah but he attack all hostile animals, crocodiles too

    If you type "fanny" do you get the butt (US) or ladies', erm...front bits (UK, AU)?

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