AU Diary: Playing Games Again

AU Diary: Playing Games Again

After something of a deliberate break from gaming, I’ve spent much of the last 24 hours playing games again.

I checked out a few missions from the upcoming GTA IV episode, The Ballad of Gay Tony. My US colleagues will have a comprehensive preview for you tomorrow morning, so I’m thinking about an alternative angle to take for my impressions. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to know.

I’ve also been playing preview code of Borderlands in preparation for a “First Hour Of…” post. Expect that on Thursday or Friday. Needless to say, as I tweeted last night, it does not suck.

And I’ve also spent some time messing around in Scribblenauts, rather belatedly it must be said, since the pre-release cart wouldn’t work on my DSi, only on older DS models. Don’t worry, it’s just a pre-releae thang, the retail version will of course work on the DSi. I’m going through that list of Aussie words right now. Full report on that shortly.

Now, back to killing bandits…


  • Nice one. Welcome back to gaming. Hard to stay away isnt it?

    Yeah I am interested to see how this Borderlands turns out. Is it anything like Planetside?

    Planetside is up there with my list of top games. Its allways suprised me that they MMOFPS sorta genre hasnt been mauled. I figured that by now there would be at least a few more MMOFPS. Planetside wasnt perfect and there was obviously stuff that could be done to improve on it but yeah, it was still a whole lot of fun.

    I got my grubby hands on MUA2, GH5, and Dirt 2 today so going to have a lash on them and see how they fair.

  • Please tell us what actual fun things they’ve added in Gay Tony. I saw the parachute in the trailer, and I hope GTA IV will be just a little more like San Andreas.

    God i hope so. I still play San Andreas, just to fly around in a fire engine while occasionally landing and spraying people with a firehose, then going San Francisco and parachuting off the Trans-America building, all to a selection of great 90’s songs.
    GTA IV, while it is great, should’ve been San Andreas, except with all the physics and shooting people in the kneecaps and story added in.

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